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Completed BSC , MSC (Master) in physics and courses from ISRO,

Here to make your life easy in physics by helping you in cracking entrance exam's

How I got here

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Miloni Panchal

The lectures by RG sir helped me a lot to gain confidence in phy in span of 1-2 months. Sir's youtube lectures were very precise and "badi simple bashaa mein" he explained the toughest concepts which are now crystal clear now also the one shot and all formula revision saved my lot of time to study for MHTCET. Lastly the lec gives feel of phy which helps understand better . Thank you for making these videos :)

Aniket More

RG sir made me optimistic about my CET prep especially his one shot lecture helped me speed up my physics preparation so I had plenty of time to focus on maths. His teaching style is also genuinely awesome which helped me remember formulas

Jay bhanushal

His way of teaching in "aassan bhasha" simplified explanation makes all key concepts clear. The choice of que in practice & mock test is really good because they were similar to the questions asked in exam. Initially in physics mock tests learning from Rahul sir my marks sky rocketed. I am really delighted and proud to tell that I got 97.83 % in Physics and 98.21%ile overall in MHT-CET 2020

Rohan Kurumkar

Before 2-3 months my physics was weak....then I found sir advertisement on You-tube of noon app....then I daily started watching sir's lecture...the style of teaching was un-compare because sir used to teach us with real life example...and from basic where mistakes are gonna happen...and many more

Nishit Prabhu

I cannot express my gratitude as how sir has helped me in the past 20 days and I will forever remember sir as my mentor during my toughest times. I had studied diligent the whole year but lost focus in the last few months and that's when I came across RG lectures. I will forever be grateful to you sir and will make sure I will pay you back with my first salaries when I get a job. May you be the guiding light for others as u were to me. Sincerely thank you so much

Durga Shinde

I think it is one of the good physics channel in YouTube and it's top most channel for MHTCET preparation I watched some of the videos this year only and I like the way sir teaches and it improved my physics very much so I would like to thank RG sir for the guidance and support My side ratings would be 5 out of 5

Tanuja Deshpande

Mujhe toh Bhut badi help huyi hai rg lecturer+ noon app pr motivation+ concept + guidance bhaut achhe se study ka maja aaya hai sir ke sath padh kr dealy doubts delay new maja Bhut kuch new sikhne ko mila hai sir ke sath sikha kr thank you sir you are the best teacher of the world

Aditya S Bhise.

Rahul Sir possesses tremendous knowledge on Physics subject, and is highly skilled at providing great technique to overcome fear anxiety in students regarding the subject.
I highly recommend Rahul  Sir if you are seeking a tutor for physics or even for Mht cet exams.

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